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The small city of Lewisville, TX has become something of a getaway destination for people living in and visiting the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Those bustling metropolises, with their skyscrapers and busy city life can be too much for some people, which is why they sometimes like to take a break and head on down to the much smaller and quieter Lewisville and spend some time on the Lewisville Lake.

It helps that the town is relatively warm and mild most of the year, and its population of just over 100,000 is quite a bit smaller than the surrounding cities. The town is more than just a place to relax though. It also offers some great education opportunities and career starters with the ATI Career training center and the Salon Professional Academy. Some of Texas’s best and brightest are getting their start in Lewisville.

In the early 1840s, the town was settled primarily by Baptist and Presbyterian families, and the strong religious influence continues today, as Lewisville is home to a large than normal number of churches for the region.

Lewisville has always been an industrially diverse town, not relying on just one or two industries to provide the bulk of its income. That meant it was fairly well protected when the Great Depression hit. Still, the town voted to accept many of the New Deal provisions that were being offered by the government to assist towns in recovering after the depression.

The town has become, over the years, a place where different ideologies clash. The foundation of religious expression is still very strong, and there is an overabundance of churches and religious centers all throughout the town. But Lewisville is also known for its numerous tattoo parlors and its modern skate park and. The navy also has a large recruiting station there, which makes the town a hub of military culture.

The town has a long history with music and music festivals. Their most prominent annual events are both music related. In May, the Keeping Tradition Alive Jam Session will invite drummers and bagpipers from all over the nation to come together and display their skills in these specialized instruments. Then in June and July, the Sounds of Lewisville is a free series of concerts geared toward families. During this concert series, vendors will be out selling food and memorabilia all around the concert venues. Many of the concerts will be held outdoors, and most people bring their own chairs and blankets to stay comfortable.

These music festivals many not be for everyone. Those not interested in music, but something to tantalize their taste buds, may enjoy the Best Little Brewfest in Texas. The event celebrates crafted beers and features more than 50 different breweries from all over Texas. This event attracts people from around the country and serves to boost the economy in a big way for a few days. Most of Lewisville’s tourists for the entire year will come during this single event, making it incredibly important for the area.

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